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Posted by Sarah Bentley on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 12:59 PM

AOMA’s premier doctoral program welcomes its first cohort of students this summer and the program director, Dr. John Finnell, has been hard at work recruiting world-class faculty and putting the finishing touches on the doctoral program curriculum. Check out this easy-to-browse overview of the curriculum with links to DAOM faculty rosters.

DAOM Program Overviewacupuncture doctoral program

  • Specialty in Integrative Management of Pain

  • Professionalism, Leadership and Teaching

  • Inquiry and Scholarship

Modular Format

  • 2 year program of study

  • 14 week-long intensives on campus

  • Continue professional practice while enrolled

DAOM Program Competencies

  • Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Concepts

  • Systems-Based Practice

  • Pain Management Specialty

  • Systematic Inquiry

  • Scholarly Publication

  • Leadership, Teaching & Professionalism

  • Lifelong Learning

DAOM Curriculum: TCM Theory, Classics and Techniques
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Faculty
DAOM faculty

The Classics

  • Classical Chinese theories on pain

  • Psychosocial phenomena in the Classics


  • Advanced techniques for treating pain

  • Advanced electro and laser acupuncture techniques

Herbal Medicine

  • Family lineage treatments of pain

DAOM Curriculum:  Topics in Pain and Associated Psychosocial Phenomena

  • Pain in oncologic and palliative care

  • Gynecologic, pelvic and visceral pain

  • Vascular and lymphatic pain

  • Neurological, sensory and dermatologic pain

  • Pain from musculoskeletal disorders

  • Eco-psychosocial pain and associated psycho social phenomena

Integrative Clinical Partnerships

AOMA Clinics - Specialty pain clinics

Austin Pain Associates - Integrative pain management

Seton Family of Hospitals and Clinics

  • Palliative care

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation

DAOM Curriculum: Integrative MedicineDAOM program
Integrative Medicine Faculty

Biomedical Theories of Pain

  • Embryology, anatomy and physiology

  • Pharmacology and drug-herb interactions

Functional & Nutritional Medicine

  • Dietary and nutritional approaches to treating pain

  • Clinical application of functional medicine

Integrative Medical Practice

  • Case management in integrative care

  • Integrative practice management

DAOM Curriculum: Research & Inquiry
Research & Inquiry Faculty

Paradigms of Inquiry - Exploration of scientific paradigms and beliefs

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment - Overview of types of research

Research Methods and Design - Design of research proposal and Institutional Review Board application

Research Project - Publication of research manuscript

Potential Inquiry Topics (examples)

Quantitative Research

  • Pilot clinical trial of TCM intervention in pain care

  • Biomedical models for Qigong

Qualitative Research

  • Recursive assessment of TCM in practice

  • TCM knowledge survey for health professionals

Mixed Methods Research

  • Patient centered outcomes research

  • Comparative effectiveness research

DAOM Curriculum: Leadership, Professionalism & Teachingaccredited DAOM
Professionalism & Leadership Faculty


  • State and National Associations

  • Legislative Issues in Healthcare


  • TCM in integrative healthcare settings

  • Negotiating position and remuneration


  • Educational techniques and technology

  • Developing effective teaching materials

  • Supervision and evaluation of student clinicians

Ready to learn more? Explore the Program:


DAOM @ AOMA : Explore the Doctoral Program

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