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New Year Resolutions for 2021

Posted by Charline Liu on Sat, Jan 09, 2021 @ 04:20 PM

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 brings health, prosperity and happiness for everyone. 2020 was different in many ways and even though the new normal has settled in, there are many health related New Year resolutions to make 2021 better. Both our north and south clinics are open at this time with covid-19 safety regulations listed here. If any of these resolutions made it onto your list, consider making an appointment at our clinics! 

Weight Loss

One of the most popular new year's resolutions is weight loss. From fad diets to weightlifting at the gym, many Americans are changing their lives for the better. But did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine are just as effective in weight loss? To read more about how Acupuncture can help weight loss, read this blog post by Dr. Violet Song, Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Stress Relief 

Stress relief is one of the most common chief complaints treated at AOMA clinics. If lowering or managing stress better is one of your new year resolutions, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can lower your stress levels, alleviate anxiety and help with your overall health. 

Alleviate Pain 

Pain is another condition that is also commonly treated at AOMA clinics. Both chronic and acute pain can keep you from living your life to the fullest, and Acupuncture has been proven to help relieve pain without the use of medications. 

Quit Smoking 

Acupuncture has been proven to help patients quit smoking. Quitting smoking is another common health new year resolution that can drastically improve your health. The NADA protocol of fine needles inserted into 5 points has been especially useful. Click here to read more on Acupuncture for Nicotine Addiction


Even in the unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021, your healthy new year resolutions are important to us. Make an appointment with either our South and North clinics and start 2021 off right! 

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FREE wellness event for AOM day at AOMA

Posted by Charline Liu on Wed, Oct 16, 2019 @ 09:34 AM

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine will host a mini-wellness fair on October 24th for National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day. The event will be free to the public and will provide complimentary acupuncture demonstrations, inform the attendees on the value of integrating western and eastern therapies for best health outcomes, perform herbal therapy demonstrations, and other traditional Chinese medicine practices. Also, movement demonstrations like Tai Chi and Qi Gong will be provided. The event is being held at AOMA’s south campus, 4701 West Gate Blvd, Austin, Texas 78745, from 5:30-7:30 pm. Registration is not required.

Sign up at the eventbrite here!

AOMA has recently been named the exclusive provider of acupuncture services for all City Of Austin employees. AOMA does encourage COA employees to attend this event so they may better understand the unique benefits of this partnership.

Acupuncture is the most well-known traditional Chinese medical procedure. Scientific studies have proven its efficacy for treating inflammation, pain, depression, and a host of other chronic and acute health conditions. AOMA has a passion for helping the general public understand the wide variety of applications for acupuncture. They also give back to the community through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and by providing free and reduced-price treatments to people who cannot afford them otherwise. AOMA has proudly been transforming lives for over 25 years!

About AOMA:

AOMA is one of the largest and most respected providers of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Austin. Annually AOMA treats close to 18,000 patients. Their professional clinicians are Master, and Doctorate level trained, many with over 20 years of experience and MDs and PhDs from China. All of our practitioners are generalists, but most also have a specialty, including orthopedics, neurology, oncology, women’s health, and ophthalmology. Because AOMA is a regionally accredited School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, whether a patient chooses our professional or student clinic, the care is safe, effective, and of the highest quality. AOMA works cooperatively and has an integrative approach with many Western healthcare institutions like the Veteran’s Administration, Ascension Seton, People’s Community Clinic, Austin Recovery, and more. To learn more, visit

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Celebrating Constitution Day

Posted by Charline Liu on Tue, Sep 17, 2019 @ 09:00 AM


On September 17th, AOMA will continue in our tradition of recognizing Constitution Day. Since the official day falls during our Term break week, we will celebrate during lunch on Thursday, September 26th.  This year will mark the 232nd anniversary of the singing of the U.S Constitution by the 37 framers on September 17, 1787. It also recognizes all who are born in the US or by naturalization, or have become citizens. The U.S Constitution is a living document that established America’s government system, laws and guaranteed citizen’s basic rights.

                Under the Articles of Confederation, America’s first governing document, the national government was fragmented and allowed the states to operate independently. There was a strong debate between the Federalists (led by Alexander Hamilton) who wanted a strong national government, and the anti-federalists who opposed a strong federal government and wanted the power to remain in the hands of the state and local governments.

                In 1939 William Hearst, a news tycoon, suggested the creation of Constitution day as a holiday to celebrate American Citizenship.  In 1940, Congress designated the third Sunday of every May to be “I am an American Day”. With Hearst’s continued support for the holiday, within 5 years governors of the existing 48 states issued state holidays. Olga T. Weber petitioned state leaders, Congress in 1952 to change the date of the holiday to the date that the Constitution was signed. In 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed it, and “I am an American Day” became Constitution or Citizenship Day and moved to September 17th.


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