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Meet AOMA's faculty and staff: Dr. Mandyam, MD


Each month we will be featuring fun information about a faculty and/or staff member to introduce the wonderful community of people behind AOMA's graduate program!


This month, get to know Dr. 'Raja' Mandyam, MD, Director, Department of Biomedical Sciences:

Where are you from?


3 Hobbies/ activities you enjoy:

"Travel, Golf, talking with people"

What’s your favorite ‘AOMA moment’?

“The AHA! Moment when old alumni call and say, 'I diagnosed a rare biomedical disease.' ”

What’s the best thing about teaching at AOMA?

"It’s an excellent environment for the exchange of ideas and learning."

What’s your favorite thing about living in Austin?

"Texas! It’s the bottom of the U.S.A!"

Favorite Website:

"My wife's website: "

For more information about Dr. Mandyam's professional background, please check out the AOMA website at:

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