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Chinese Herbs: Zheng Gu Shui


Chinese herbZheng Gu Shui (juhng goo shway) is a Chinese herbal liniment known for its analgesic properties. The Chinese word "zheng gu" means "bonesetting" and "shui" means water. So, Zheng Gu Shui means "bonesetting water" or liquid. This external analgesic is known to relieve blood stagnation, promote healing, and soothe pain. As the name suggests, this herbal remedy can help promote the healing of broken bones. If the skin is not broken, it can be applied topically to the area of injury to relieve pain until the bone is set at the hospital.


Well known in many athletic and martial arts circles, this “miracle” balm can be used for all sorts of injuries, including those involving muscle and nerve pain.  The most common indications are traumatic injuries, bruises, and sprains. Many people have found Zheng Gu Shui helpful for all kinds of pain from carpal tunnel to arthritis.

The Chinese medical explanation of how it works is by dispelling blood stagnation, moving qi, opening the channels, and invigorating the blood which will help to relax tendons and muscles, and reduce swelling.

The herbal formulation contains mostly camphor and menthol. Other ingredients include: alcohol, polygonum cuspidatum, camphor wood, fragrant angelica, moghania, zedoary, san-qi ginseng, and water.

The medicinal effects of the herbs are as follows:

Polygonum cusidatum rhizome(Bushy Knotweed): relieves pain, reduces inflammation, stops bleeding

Camphor Wood(Radix Crotonis crassifolii, Chinese Ji Gu Xiang): increases local circulation, relieves pain

Frangrant Angelica(Bai Zhi): anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, treats muscle spasms and cramps

Moghania(Yi Tiao Gen): relieves musculoskeletal pain, stiffness, and soreness

Zedoary rhizomeor curcuma (a different species than Turmeric): anti-inflammatory relieves pain (especially shoulder pain)

San-Qi Ginseng(Tian Qi): stops bleeding, reduces bruising, swelling, inflammation and pain, relieves trauma

The suggested use is to apply the ointment directly to the (external) area of pain 2-3 times a day or as needed. Wrap the area with gauze, as it may stain clothing. Wash hands thoroughly after applying. Do not use Zheng Gu Shui on open wounds. Do not use Zheng Gu Shui near an open flame as it is flammable.


Meet Kristen Borthwick: AOMA Registrar


Each month we will be featuring fun information about a faculty and/or staff member to introduce the wonderful community of people behind AOMA's graduate program!Kristen Borthwick AOMA registrar

This week, we'll introduce you to Kristen Borthwick, Registrar, who works with new students and current students to manage course registration each term, issue transcripts and diplomas, assist with licensing, etc. She is the front-line of the student services team.

Where are you from?

        "I was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri – still most of my family’s stomping ground - although we moved all over the place (not military like many assume, my dad trapped for a living for many years). Derric and I came to Austin via Virginia (fresh from graduating from VMI and RMWC) because we were unemployed college grads who needed somewhere to stay, i.e. my parent’s house."

 List 3 hobbies/ activities you enjoy:

        "Photography, baking, landscaping/gardening and minor home renovation (mostly cosmetic)."

 What's the best thing about working at AOMA?

        "I never know what to expect day to day."

 What's your favorite/ most memorable 'AOMA moment'?

        "Each office move is interesting (I’m not sure which individual in admin has moved the most, although Laura C. is also a contender). Moving out of the offices upstairs, which were caves with low ceilings (now the Chipotle up north), into a ground level office with natural light."

 What's your favorite thing about Austin?

        "Austin is where we found our two four legged children (our two miniature daschunds) who run the house."

Favorite website?


To learn more about AOMA's registrar, please explore our website at

 Remember to check-back soon to meet someone new!

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